Friday, January 19, 2018

Bye Crappy Week, Bye Facebook

Aahhh Yeah. Just staying in and watch a good movie or some tv. or why not both?? My whole body hurts.  Nice to just put your feet up and rest.

 Oh yeah. I deactivated my Facebook account. Im pretty tired of it and just gives me anxiety and kinda irritates me. So I thought that is the best for now. I check often if I gotten any msg and I dont. That ticks me off. I gotta check again..and again... again. Bad cycle. But now i KNOW noone can msg me so I dont have to bother. Plus why would anyone anyways? Its not like im "popular" 👀 It shouldnt take over your life. Theres so much else to do than scrolling around for what??? Exactly. Alot of crap is what there is on there. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Failing at Life?

Today wasnt any better...Damn , I dont seem to do work right. Seems im not meant to work with anything??  Im tired of searching for a new job and im tired having the job agency having their eyes on me. Fuck you!!! Im gonna disappear, How about that?! so you cant find me. Since im not good enough. 😞

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thanks for making me feel like useless crap

I was at the job agency, they had given me an appointment. The woman who I talked to totally ignored the fact that I was workin atleast not being 100 % unemployed. I get money from the unemployment agenncy. I gotta have an acitivity also....Jobcoach!!! UGHH I hate them, They cant help me. I do the same work at home... Plus she kept insisting i should take on studies. Study is great she said...YEEEAHH if you want to become something special to work somewhere special. But I dont want to study. I like working with cleaning. I dont mind. GET IT WOMAN!!!!Gosh she really ticked me off. Totally made my day worse. Made me feel like I didnt do enough. That im useless. Why did I get her? maybe someone else would have been better... Easy for you to say. You got your fulltime job. Telling ppl what to do.
So now I gotta go to a jobcoach... I DONT WAAANNAAA!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Been online shopping a bit

For the cats. They will love it

This ones for me.

I bought some dreamcatchers on wish. Pillowcases. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gonna take my New Years Resolution seriously

I havent taken it seriously i think. Kinda cheated. lying to myself im being healthy etc. Thats not the right way to lose it. Time to stop with that 👍💪I did some aerobica for 25 min i believe. It was refreshing.

Waitin for the store to open

Been up since 4 am? its 6 am right now. My soda is out. I asked my mom to buy me 2 bottles. She went all hell about it. She did buy them. Im not sure she will come over today. Plus I rather not. I want to be alone at the moment. She drains me at times. She complains most of the time. Im not in the mood to hear that. Im gonna head over to the store and buy my own drink. plus the cats need food (again) Seems that I buy only cat food nowadays. Just gotta wait til 8 am thats when it opens. Soooo abt 1 h and 45 min? That aint a problem.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Im So Lame



Friday, January 12, 2018


Another night up not able to sleep cus im in pain... Sigh. Just took a half painkiller I will see if that helps. or if i have to take another half. Woopidoo.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Made an appointment to see my friend

Have to make an appointment to hang out, She is very busy with work and I dont know when she is off work either. I wish we could just spontaneously hang out not have to find a date to hang out. Kinda annoying. Adult life huh? or is it. No its not. I guess thats how it is when you have your man by your side. You dont need friends as much as before. Maybe thats it? 😕Oh well. Atleast we will have some lunch. I do love eating. Thats whats up.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Been playing Stardoll alot

This is Roxy 

I had another account but I think i might deleted it or its deactivated, Im not sure, So I made a new one. Its so addictive and fun. Was awhile I found a game I really enjoyed. Makes me stop thinking about stuff that makes me sad. I have been thinking though about stop using fb. That does make me sad and makes me feel forgotten.  But I dont know where I can contact my mans friend. Im paying for the phone im using.  I will have to figure something out....