Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Im screwed

Damn... I dont know how im gonna find money for a bill for this month. Apparently I forgotten to pay the right amount last month and now they doubled it. I dont have the money. Well not enough atleast. Hmmm Im trying to figure out to fix it. Plus next month will be abt the same. I dont mind paying bills. Just I dont like it when I dont have the money. 😢😢I dont want to end up with debts that cant be paid. 
Im trying to sell things,  But idk if all will be bought up. SIIGHHH

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let Go

I so wanted to go to church today. I was scared to go. I think i might go next sunday. I so wanted to. I wanted to find inner peace. This week has been so exhausting. I dont even want to reminiss about it. Whatever happends will happen. Im so glad my mind is doing better today and I know next week wont be as this week; FOR SURE lol. Gone, Kapish. 
I gotta take care of my mood. I dont know if its PMDD I got or what it is. Its just consuming me for sure. I got an appointment on the 6th talkin abt my medication I will see then. I gotta fix it. I dont want to be this depressed moody person time to time. I cant even recognise myself when I turn like that. I gotta strenght myself again. Just focus on me. And trying to climb that stairs called life.AND stop listening to assholes and son of a bitches who is just clearly jealous of what i got Mind your own buissness... soo BYEE BYEEE BYEEE✌😉Dont need to hear it , so shut up. Shut your mouth,


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Take me away

I just took a loong nice catnap. I feel somewhat refreshed. I just figured out what movie I should watch tonight. "The Notebook" 
PERFECT!!!! Sad romantic movie. Just what my mood is for. Just want to be alone for awhile. Maybe forever???  From everyone. except my furbabies. 👀

Maybe Im too complicated even for myself


Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Thank god this week is almost over , Its been a hellish week, Yes Worst week of my life. Brought me closer to my faith though. I survived going to work. Even if my stomach was hurting. Well my ovaries. Maybe its something wrong with them? Or I got PMDD. Like I suspected before. Gonna get that looked up. Oh boy is all i can say.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time to stop rethinking it

Today just seems like one of those days you just wanna reflect on what has happened and then you just throw it in the trash at the end of the day. Lol. Right? Dont dwell on things on for too long. theres a certain days for that.  Bye Felicia!!!! Byyyeeeee 👀😉

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Workout all of the bad energy inside

New mindset and goals , Working out is a great way to release all of the bad energy you got inside instead of bottling it inside. Sweat it all out, Jump it all out, Run it all out. I swear you will feel so much better afterwards

Sometimes you just need let out a good cry

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lord Im scared I need you I feel so lost and alone

Lord I do need you, I feel so lost, scared, sad and my heart feels like its breaking. I dont know whats gonna happen and thats what makes me so scared...Sigh. 😟 I just dont know what to do , I need a sign from you.Please. Im sorry for all the wrong things I done and I ask for forgiveness. I want to be a better christian I do.  I Love you

Monday, October 9, 2017

Electronics are messing with me

Before i went to the trip I had problems with my internet at home. All of sudden it started to work. now my phone says its charging but it doesnt show it on the screen. I turned it off and then on , all of sudden it had charged alot... Could it be the battery?? I have no idea. I will fix it somehow. Dont want to go and buy a new phone. Its working good overall.